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Planning a trip to the back country? Before you head out to that campsite, consider making a camping checklist that you can use every time you're getting ready for your next adventure. A little advanced planning will make ...

Camping Checklist: What kind of Camper are You?

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Sounds easy doesn't it? Gather some wood and build a fire. If you've ever arrived at your campsite on a dreary, rain-soaked day, you know how hard it can be to get a fire going. Even though the outside of the wood may be ...

How to Build a Campfire

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How to dine outdoors in style. While the minimalist is content to rehydrate a pouch of freeze dried food , the gear-oriented camper enjoys hearty, camp-cooked meals. There is a variety of easy-to-prepare camping foods ...

Campfire Dining

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If you are planning on hiking, you will need a backpack, compass, travel guide, map, suitable shoes, extra socks and a hat. Another indispensable piece of camping gear is the multifunction pocket knife. These handy little ...

More Essential Campsite Equipment

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Be sure to bring several camping flashlights, lanterns and plenty of extra batteries. A lantern or two will cast some welcome light in camp. Your lamps can be run on your own power (crank lanterns), run on a battery, ...

Campsite Lighting

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Imagine: A clear moonless light in the outdoors. The stars twinkle and shine above, the fire crackles and a soft breeze gently ruffles the trees. The quiet and solitude of the wilderness surrounds you as you bank the fire, ...

Choosing a Tent That’s Best For You!

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A good backpack can make or break your outdoor adventures. Before purchasing one for use on your next expedition, here's some information a backpacker should consider:  Primary use Pack ...

Selecting The Right Backpack

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Backpacks come in a variety of types depending on your use for them. Short-term hiking packs are generally light packs designed for comfort because of the expected time duration of wearing it on your back.  Backpacks, ...

Purchase A Backpack

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Here is a playlist of some camping related videos from Forest City ...

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