Campfire Dining

Our Tanner and his family enjoying tasty smores around the campfire!

How to dine outdoors in style. While the minimalist is content to rehydrate a pouch of freeze dried food , the gear-oriented camper enjoys hearty, camp-cooked meals. There is a variety of easy-to-prepare camping foods available, but many people like cooking from scratch in the outdoors. So, a more elaborate camping stove is required something with more than one burner and adjustable flame. Or bring some iron bars to rig a pot hanger right over the fire for slow-simmering that 3-alarm chili. You’ll also need a cooler and ice or ice packs for your fresh food. If you’re going to be hiking a long way the weight you need to carry becomes a big issue. Consider using freeze dried foods and survival rations. They can weigh up to 90 percent less due to the dehydration process.

Campfire dining at it's finest always involves pie ironsPie irons are essential for making campfire favourites such as smores and yummy fire roasted pizza sandwiches.

Other equipment for the cooking portion of your camping checklist includes:

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