More Essential Campsite Equipment

If you are planning on hiking, you will need a backpack, compass, travel guide, map, suitable shoes, extra socks and a hat. Another indispensable piece of camping gear is the multifunction pocket knife. These handy little tools often include:Multifunction pocket knife with built in spoon, fork, corkscrew, bottle/can opener and reamer

One model pocket knife even comes with a reusable plastic toothpick, something you might never think of including on your camping checklist. All backpacks should contain such a knife.

If you are going to swimming or bathing in a lake or stream, which often have rock bottoms, some type of waterproof foot gear, like the popular surf shoes is essential.

Other miscellaneous items to bring:


Camping is great recreation.

From campgrounds that are more like resorts to the challenge of true wilderness camping, you are bound to find some level of camping that is just right for you. Bringing the right outdoor equipment is the best way to ensure your trip will be a memorable one. A camping checklist will streamline your packing and preparation. Although experience is the best teacher, a good, comprehensive checklist can help make the difference between an enjoyable camping trip and a disastrous one. Your checklist will be dynamic you will add items and remove items with every trip. Just be sure to keep it up to date. Whether you are a minimalist or a gear-oriented camper, camping provides many challenges. A thoughtfully-devised checklist will enable you to sleep dry and warm, build a welcoming fire, enjoy a great camp-cooked dinner, light your camp effectively and handle any miscellaneous small emergencies that might occur.

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