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Featured Products:

Coghlan’s Power Pack

Coghlan's Power Pack

Portable power pack featuring a crank and solar panel to recharge your devices while away from electrical outlets.


Coghlan’s Emergency Survival Kit

Coghlan's Survival Kit

Coghlan’s emergency survival kit provides several emergency tools and survival supplies such as fishing hooks, an emergency blanket, firestarters, a signal whistle and much more!


World Famous Eight-Person Dome Tents

World Famous Eight-Person Tents

This tent is designed for large groups or family camping.  With an eight-adult capacity, there is more than enough room for all of your companions!


North 49 Spectrum-10 Series Dome Tents

North 49 Spectrum 10 Series Tents

A stylish dome tent featuring room for up to 5!


North 49 Frontier-11 Winter Sleeping Bags

North 49 Frontier Winter Sleeping Bags

Specially designed for winter temperatures as cool as -35 Degrees Celcius!



Coleman Perfect Flow 2-Burner Portable Stove

Coleman 2-Burner Stove

Don’t go out into the wild without food preparation and cooking devices.  This portable stove has two 11,000 BTU burners!



World Famous Cast Iron Frying Pans

World FAmous Cast Iron Pan

High-quality frying pan measuring 12.5″ in diameter.



North 49 Emergency 4-in-1 Crank Flashlight, Alarm, FM and AM radio

North 49 Emergency Flashlight

This incredible flashlight comes with a built-in alarm, FM radio and AM radio! Features a crank for easy recharging.



Mountain House #10 Chicken & Rice

Mountain House Foods

Freeze dried chicken and rice with a 25-year shelf life!



World Famous Cast Iron Square Pie Irons

World Famus Iron Square Pie Irons

Make grilled paninis and french toast right over your camp-fire!

Watch this exciting product demonstration video below!



North 49 Aluminium Frame Folding Camp Cots

Norh 49 Aluminium Folding Camp Cot

More comfortable option than sleeping on the ground, the North 49 folding camp cot is a must-have camping item! Simple folding action makes assembly and disassembly a breeze! Designed for weights up to 275-pounds!



Rockwater Designs TAK-LITE 600 Lantern

Rockwater Designs TAK-Lite

Our most popular and effective camping lantern. Light up your tent or shelter easily with over 600-lumens of light! Featuring four individual brightness settings including 100%, 80%, 50%, and 30% brightness. Fold out hook allows you to hang your lantern inside your shelter. This lantern has 36 SMD high-output LED bulbs!



Rockwater Designs TAK-LITE 600 Lantern

Rockwater Designs TAK-Lite

Two saw blades
Can opener
Bottle opener
Flathead screwdriver
Philips screwdriver
Nail file
Tooth pick
Sturdy reamer


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